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Chemical concern; amino acids selling

Pearson Education (Longman)
Longman educational literature selling

WEUS Holding, Inc.
Equipment and services for oil and gas industry providing

Complex solutions for oil and gas industry, transport services

Russian Coal
Coal mining, processing and selling

Exploration works; ore mining, production of precious minerals sands; uranium prospecting, mining, processing

Property management

AFK Sistema
Finance and investments

Banking services. Investments

KIT Finance
Investment and banking, finance services

Venture Investments & Yield Management
Investments management, development

Torgovyi Kvartal (Shopping District)
Development; commercial property management

Regiony Management
Management of trade and entertainment centers chain in Russian regions

State Hermitage
Federal public culture institution

Bonnier Business Press
Business papers publishing house

European media group (Europe+)
Broadcasting chain (4 radio stations)

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines
Sea transportation services

Fire safety services and technical support for fire prevention and guarding systems.

Planeta Fitness
Chain of sports and health clubs

Gulfstream guarding systems
Complex security solutions providing

Passenger operations, cargo transportation

Unimed Laboratories
Up-to-date laboratory research (clinical diagnostics)

Chadbourne&Parke LLP
Legal services

CMS Hasche Sigle GmbH.
Legal services

Felbermayr Projekt GmbH.
Transport and dispatcher services; intermodal transportation of out-of-gauge and heavy weight cargo

Finansovaya Lisingovaya Kompaniya (Finance Leasing Company)
Leasing of industrial equipment